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Ralph Nader Interview

Published 2004

Once again, has obtained an exclusive video from John Bachir and his interview with 2004 Presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Nader is asked and addresses the following issues:
1. How has Consumer Advocacy changed since you've started working?
2. What is your campaign's most important role in this election?
3. Why run for president in a fixed two-party system instead of focusing on voting reform advocacy?
4. What corporate reform would you like to see in the long term? What's feasible in the short term?
5. What value does the commercial media have?
6. How can we end partisan redistricting?
7. What campaign advice do you have for John Kerry?

These are most of items Mr. Nader discusses, among others.

Producer John Bachir
Sponsor John Bachir / Indymedia
Audio/Visual Stereo, Color
Contact Information Jason Gulledge: <BR> <BR><BR>John Bachir: <BR>


Thanks to John Bachir for doing this interview and to Ralph Nader for taking time out of his schedule to grant us this interview. Thanks also to Indymedia!


Reviewer: Robert B. Livingston - - March 1, 2005
Subject: Sound Bites of a Higher Standard
Almost everyone is likely to concur that our democracy is disserved by a media culture that requires politicians to deliver their message with "sound bites"-- short speeches normally tailored for radio or television.

This brief film collects many of Ralph Nader's sound bites at one event. What makes them noteworthy?

They are delivered with penultimate competence: indicative of a man who has reflected deeply on the issues and events of our time and can explain his ideas succinctly and clearly.

These pithy statements are so incredibly intelligent and cogent that they can be used as a yardstick by which other contemporary speakers (short and long-winded) must measure themselves.

As an answer to one question posed in this film, Nader explains that he is running for president to give voters a frame of reference that might lead them to having higher expectations of all their political leaders.

Even when reduced to delivering sound bites, Nader is bound to accomplish that goal. Compare him here for yourself.

If you care to learn more about this incredible American, read his book The Good Fight.
Community Video
by John Bachir
Community Video
by John Bachir
Community Video
by John Bachir
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